Coconut Oil Benefits and Health Secrets | Uses Of Coconut Oil For Skin And Health

Coconut, the wonder food on earth has multiple health benefits and Coconut Oil Benefits are a must know for all. The coconut tree is a member of the family “Arecaceae” and they are the only species of Cocos.

Till now, 1,000+ studies have proved that coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods on the planet.


Coconut Oil Benefits and Uses


Prevents Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

Coconut oil has natural saturated fats. Saturated fats increases HDL ( healthy cholesterol ) . It also converts  LDL (bad cholesterol) into good cholesterol. With Increase in  HDL in your body, the risk of heart diseases reduces drastically and your heart will remain healthy in the long run.

Reduces Inflammation

The high levels of antioxidants available in the virgin coconut oil reduces inflammation in body as found in recent studies. Due to anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil, harvested on medium heat has been found to suppress inflammatory cells and reduce swelling as well.

Coconut Oil For Cancer Prevention

Cancer Tumor cells will not be able to access the energy in ketones and are glucose dependent. A good ketogenic diet could be a possible component of helping cancer patients recover and even prevents Cancer cells to grow.

Coconut Oil For Healthy teeth and Gums

Coconut oil having high concentration of antibacterial MCFA’s is tremendous for oil pulling . Removing oral bacteria leads to healthy gums and overall oral health. The recommended coconut oil pulling is 3 times a week for 20 minutes per day. 

Coconut Oil for Weight loss

Coconut Oil helps to burn fat by decreasing appetite and helps in  losing belly fat and develop cool pair of abdominal muscles.

A 1985 study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health discovered that “Capric Acid” showed significant improvements in thyroid function, as well as helped lower resting heart rate and assists body in burning fat and converting it into energy.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair Care

Coconut oil is rich in good fatty acids that prevents dandruff and help nourishing dry hair and can also be used as hair conditioner and can be used in many hair masks and DIY hair tips and tricks.

Like a Recipe to get rid of dandruff to get thick and fuller hair, massage 1 tbsp coconut oil mixed with 10 drops of rosemary essential oil into your scalp for 3 minutes. Then shower after 30 minutes.

Coconut Oil for Skin infections

Coconut oil has been proven useful for treating various skin infections. Not only for humans, Coconut Oil can also be used to treat some skin infections of your pets likes dogs and cats.


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