Election 2017 Result : BJP Blooms in UP, Uttarkhand , Congress wins in Goa , Manipur, Punjab

Election 2017 Result

Election 2017 Result were declared and the exit poll declared BJP as winner in UP and Uttarkhad, whereas Congress took Goa, Manipur and Punjab.

Up Election 2017 : BJP today emerged as the single largest party. BJP won 325 seats following  Congress who won 25 seats and BSP won 19 seats. This win of Narendera Modi will help  him in winning  2019 elections.


Punjab Election Result :   After 10 years this time Congress came in power by winning 77 seat out of 117 followed by  AAP who won 22 seats and then AKALI winning 18 seats.


Uttarakhand Election Result : BJP boomed in Uttarakhand wining 57 seats out of 70 seats followed by INC winning 11 seats and others 2 seats.


Goa Election Result : There was a neck to neck compettition between BJP and Congress party in Goa today. BJP today faced acute reverses in Goa by loosing its power. Congress won Goa by 17 seats with Bjp jusy 4 seats behind. The MGP party of Goa


Manipur Election Result : Sharmila who contested against Chief Manage got only 90 votes.

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