HINDUISM: A way of life or Religion. Know all about Hinduism.

Hinduism is religion or a way of life followed by the people of India, Nepal, Bali(Indonesia), Mauritius.
It is often referred as Sanatana Dharma. It is world’s third largest religion by population and is the oldest religion.

Hindus believe in one God but they believe that God has multiple forms. There are different ways to reach God according to Hinduism.

It is impossible to determine the exact beginning of Hindusim. Many practitioners believe that Hindu revelation is ethereal.
According to hindus the time is cyclic. It has four seasons(Yugs), Satya, Treta, Dvapara, Kali.

Satya: It is first of the four Yuga’s. It is also called “Yuga of Truth”. The Satya – Yuga is also refereed to as “Golden age” when humanity is governed by God himself. Satya- Yuga lasts for 1,728,000 years.

According to Mahabarta “there were no poor and no rich; there was no need to labour, because all the things that men required was given by the will power; the chief virtue was abandonment of all worldly desires.”

Treta:  It is second of the four Yuga’s. Treta is Sanskrit word and means combination of three things. There were three avtars of Vishnu that were seen the fifth, the sixth, the seventh. In this yuga, people become more materialistic and less inclined towards God. Kings and Brahmans need means to fulfill their desires.

Dvapara: It is third of the four Yuga’s. Dvapara in sanskrit means “two headed”. As per Hinduism this Yuga ended when Lord Krishna returned to his external abode of Vaikuntha. Dvapara yug lasts for 864,000 years. In this Yuga, people are kingly and pleasure seeking.

Kali: Kali Yuga is the last of the four yuga’s. The Kali word means “Strife”, “Contention”. According to astronomer AryaBhata Kali Yuga started in 3102 BC.

Hindu’s believe that human civilization degenerates spirituality during Kali Yuga. This age is also called “Dark Age”, as people are away from God.


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