Kashmiri Pandits And Interlocutor

Kashmiri Pandits – Real Victims

Kashmiri Pandits who live the life of exile since 1989-1990 are the worse sufferers of Kashmir turmoil. The patriot community with history of thousands of years i.e, since the existence of life in Kashmir , had to leave the birth place with broken hearts and tears rolling down their cheeks. They wait year after year to return their homeland with dignity and smiling faces to reunite with their past splendor.  Days and months turned into years and now it is moving to 28th year of exile which is double the exiled life of Lord Rama.

Thousands of people suffered in the struggle of destruction and turmoil in valley. Thousands were killed, chaos and confusion prevailed, shattering the normal life of peace and prosperity. Kashmiriyat had now no place in Kashmir. New forces emerged and began to run the wheel of life according to their aspirations, leading to nowhere. Kashmir suffered a lot in respect of life property, culture, humanity brotherhood and what not. Who killed whom and why is an open book before the world and needs no further discussion. Now there is less kashmiriyat and much haiwaniyat.

Pandits Suffering From Ages

As for Kashmiri Pandits – the worst was eminent but exact date and time was not clear. What is seen today in Kashmir against Pandits is not a sudden catastrophe but the fruit of poisonous tree nurtured by worst political and religious ideologies.  The mistakes of past  emerged as storm which took everything with it creating new uphill’s and ditches for flourishing of blood suckers of Mother India. It is now bleeding and demands immediate relief to heal these injuries caused by such enemy insects.

The protests against Kashmiri Pandit’s rehabilitation in Kashmir or employment packages do not surprise them. It was prior to their migration from valley but hidden and unexplored which now becomes a big shows. Pandits had to knock doors of Supreme Court or other courts for justice even before on set of this harsh climate but only few were able to approach  these higher institutions for justice.

Injustice prevailed there in the matters of Land disputes, admissions employment, interviews, promotions and what not. State and central governments always paid deaf ear to such developments in Kashmir. The reports of intelligence, plite of Pandits and minorities in valley were never heard seriously.

Role of Government

It is clear fact that state government always cared for a particular section for in valley. Many area’s were granted RBA status after the migration of Pandit’s from such areas. New administrative units were created and there are many such examples which clearly demonstrate that state government was never for the betterment of Pandits, who were always treated second class citizens. Truth is bitter but we have to accept it.

Return Of Pandits

It is good begging once again that an interlocutor has been appointed to hear the grievances of state subjects for the solutions Kashmir problem. He should hear every section of people with open mind. The views of everyone must be recorded honestly and no one ignored in the process. Muslims (Shia’s and sunni’s), Ladakhi’s, Hindu’s, Sikh’s, Buddhists, Christians etc. Political parties have a little role in such sensitive matters as they change their stand according to situation suited to them. They too have their own constraints to talk about the problem. General public is the main stake holder to be talked with. Kashmiri Pandits have made it clear that they cannot return Kashmir under prevailing conditions of unrest. They cannot choose the same conditions under which they were forced to leave their birth place. They cannot live under pseudo secularism which uprooted them from their homes. Separate colonies are the only solution suited for their return. All they want is  to live in peace and progress with patriotic fervor. They don’t want to repeat again and again the process of migration, which has a long history, in the history of Kashmir. They will never choose to love in pseudo secular culture, which forces them to seek political, social, economic, educational and every sort of justice through the higher courts of justice.

Kashmir Problem Needs To Be Heard

Kashmir problem needs through introspection. Every aspect and angle needs to be viewed thoroughly. Every section and community needs to be heard. Due weightage needs to be given to all, otherwise the purpose cannot be solved. Kashmir problem needs to be solved for good. Small doses of medicine or therapy cannot cure it. It needs full surgical operation to root out the foul from the soil. The problem is serious but not incurable. It needs honest and strong will to deal with the enemy. How long can we bear the loss of our brave soldiers, patriots, and fellow citizens. Loss of human lives in terms of our brave and patriot soldiers is serious problem and needs urgent action on ground. The earlier we care for our nation, the better its survival. We have to take lessons from our past mistakes and make corrections to strengthen the national forces. Kashmir problem needs to be solved into sprit of democracy and not on religious lines. The appeasement policy has proved fatal and needs to be avoided. Kashmir needs revival of Kshmiriyat where every sect and community can flourish on true democratic lines.

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