Muslim Man Converts to Hinduism for Marriage, Supreme Court Refuses to help

Muslim Man Converts to Hinduism for Marriage, Supreme Court Gives No Relief

Nowadays love jihad has become a trending topic in media, another intriguing instance of inter-faith marriage has come up before the supreme court but this time a Muslim man has converted to Hinduism. This 24 year old man works as a Sepoy in Army.

Whenever in past, a Muslim Man Converts to Hinduism, all hell breaks loose on him.

He has recited shloks and got married to a Hindu girl at Bhopal with all the Hindu rituals. He took seven vows while walking round the fire. This incident was happened in April last year.

When girl’s family came to know about this marriage, they claimed that the girl is a minor and has been kidnapped by the boy. The police soon gave the custody of the girl to the family.

The man then took this case to Supreme court. He demanded his wife back. He claimed the girl to be major and said that he has converted to Hinduism. The Supreme court dismissed the case stating that he had no proof for his conversion.

His year- long fight for his wife soon ended. The court said that they cannot find out weather the boy has actually converted to Hinduism or it is just for the sake of marriage. The boy also produced letters that he had posted to his superior, telling him about his conversion.

Kerala Love Jihad Case

On the other hand the Kerala Love Jihad case has gained so much attention that girl will be called to know her wishes. On the other hand, where in this case the girl has
accepted her marriage in front of magistrate.

They said that they need an adjudication for his conversion. The court by taking note of Madhya Pradesh Freedom of religion Act, 1968 which requries a procedure for conversion.

The man first has to prove his conversion before the authorities and he also has to give a reason behind it. Conversion for getting married is also acceptable.

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