Ryan International School Murder Case: Class 11 boy accused of murdering the child

A Class 11 boy of Ryan International School is accused of killing of a seven year old boy Pradyuman. Earlier bus conductor of the school was accused of the murder. He was told that the bus conductor was physically abusing the boy, but later after proper investigation and by sending the CCTV footage for scientific analysis it was clear that the student was the last to come out of the bathroom where pradyuman’s throt was slit.

The CBI is probing the involvement of another student who was with the 16 year old boy when he informed the gardener and teacher about the boy’s condition. The CBI is trying to figure out, how the other student came to know about the boy.

The family and lawyer of the bus conductor has also filed a case against Gurugram police for false allegations.

The accused student is son of a wealthy lawyer. Students of Ryan International School reported that the boy was not of good character  and used to slap students. They also told that he was rude in behavior and also not good in studies. Neighbor’s of the accused also complaint about his behavior and told that they used to avoid him.

CBI’s take on Ryan International School murder case :

The CBI told the Juvenile court that the accused boy has confessed to the crime in front of his father and independent witnesses and a social welfare board member. He himself disclosed the location of the shop from where he bought the knife.

The reason that boy gave for murdering the seven year old was that, he wanted to postpone the paper. Although the evidences against the boy are not strong enough as the shopkeeper of the shop from where the accused had bought the knife didn’t recognized him. He said that, he did not remember selling it to the boy.

CBI is still investigating the case and trying to connect the dots.

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