Sabyasachi : the new Captain of the Bigg Boss 11 House

Captain-ship is very important for the housemates of Bigg Boss 11. It not only gives them special powers but also gives them immunity from nominations. Bigg Boss 11 season has seen a lot more twists since the beginning.

In yesterday’s Luxury budget task, the contestants had to become astronauts and they all had to sit in an aircraft. All the contestants were given a planet and certain amount of money was associated with them. The person who stayed for the longest time will be the winner and the person who come out, the money associated with them will be deducted from the price money of the show.
Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan, Sabyasachi sathpathy and Akash Dadlani quit the task soon. It was told that the top three persons, that will come early after the buzzer plays will become the contender for the Captaincy task. Sabyasachi sathpathy, Akash Dadlani and Bandgi Kalra were the first who came out, thus becoming the contenders for Captaincy task.

While other housemate choose to stay in the aircraft. Punnesh sharma was sanchalak of the task. When Bandgi Kalra  came out of the aircraft, Puneesh went inside the house to spend time with her and then he slept on the couch. Meanwhile the contestants one by one went inside to pee and then  came back and sat in aircraft, as if nothing happened.

Bigg-Boss-11-airs-on-Colors.-Jamhuriat-300x167 Sabyasachi : the new Captain of the Bigg Boss 11 House
Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors.

Later Bigg Boss blast out at every one, and told them that, now the winner will get no price money as they have not completed the task.

In Today’s episode it would be shown that every housemate has been given a egg and all the contenders had a nest. The housemates will put their eggs in the person’s nest, whom they support. Among the three Sabyasachi sathpathy will get the maximum eggs in his nest, thus becoming the new captain in the house and will also be immune for next week.

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