Who is Abdul Qavi Desnavi? Today’s Google Doodle features Abdul Qavi Desnavi

Google Doodle celebrates Abdul Qavi Desnavi’s 87th birth anniversary.

Today, 1 Nov 2017,  Wednesday, Google Doodle commemorated the 87th birthday of Indian Urdu language writer, critic, bibliographer, and linguist Abdul Qavi Desnavi.

Who was Abdul Qavi Desnavi’s:

Abdul Qavi Desnavi (1 November 1930 – 7 July 2011) was a noted Indian Urdu language critic, poet, author, bibliographer, writer, and linguist. He has written many books and most of his work was about Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Mirza Ghalib and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. 

Abdul Qavi Desnavi’s Birth:

Abdul was Born on November 1, 1930 in Desna village of Bihar.

Abdul Qavi Desnavi’s Work and Books:

Abdul has over 50 books on Urdu literature to his credit.

His important work was about Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Mirza Ghalib and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. He was awarded with several awards for his literary work. Some of his major works include name like Hayat-e-Abul Kalam Azad, a book on freedom fighter Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

 Hayat-e-Abul Kalam Azad was one of his most Work and was published in the year 2000 and became a instant hit on release.

His Bibliography

Here is the complete list of Abdul’s Research work

  • Allama Iqbal Bhopal Mein, publisher, Dept. of Urdu Saifia College,Bhopal (1967)
  • Abul Kalam Azad Urdu, Publisher Sahitya Akademi (1987)
  • Bhopal Aur Ghalib, publisher, Dept. of Urdu Saifia College,Bhopal (1969)
  • Hayat Abul Kalam Azad (2000),Publisher, Modern Publishing House New Delhi.
  • Iqbal Uneesween Sadi Mein, publisher, Naseem Book Depot, (1977)
  • Iqbal Aur Dilli, Publisher Nai Awaz Jamia Nagar New Delhi (1978)
  • Iqbal Aur Darul Iqbal Bhopal, publisher, Naseem Book Depot, (1983)
  • Iqbaliat Ki Talash, Makataba Jamia, (1984)
  • Iqbaliat Ki Talash, publisher, Globe Publishers, Urdu Bazar Lahore, Pakistan (1985)
  • Motala—E—Khotoot—E—Ghalib (1975) (Edition 2nd) (1979)
  • Maulana Abul Kalam Mohiuddin Ahmad Azad Dehlavi (1988)
  • Nuskha-E-Bhopal Aur Nuskha-A-Bhopal Sani, publisher, Dept. of Urdu Saifia College,Bhopal (1970)
  • Talash—E—Azad, publisher, Maharashtra Urdu Academy
Google Doodle commemorates birthday of Abdul Qavi Desnavi’s:

“As the head of the Urdu Department at Bhopal’s Saifia College and a member of several regional and national literary bodies, he exerted a powerful influence on the evolution of Urdu literature and academic thought in India. At a personal level, he mentored some of India’s finest Urdu poets and writers such as Javed Akhtar and Iqbal Masood,” Google’s blog reads.

Abdul Qavi Desnavi’s Death:

He died in 7 July, 2011 (aged 80) in Bhopal, India.

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